Dear Network Marketer,

It is crazy summer! Our schedules are insane and our businesses flourishing!

As you may know, for the last few months I have been doing Rising Ever Upward trainings for some top leaders in network marketing.

The response has been breathtaking.  

Even during the 40 minute training people are waking up to big changes like how they feel about vulnerability and learning how it influences their lives. Along with learning a new language about how we deal with our emotions in ineffective and unhealthy ways.

The work we do in Rising Ever Upward changes the game for Network Marketing. The response from these trainings have made me even more excited about going on tour to spread this life (and business) changing work.

This work is hard to express into words because it’s so personal and impactful. So, I want to answer the questions I get of “how will this help my business” and “what kind of results might I see with this work”?

Here is HOW this intensive/workshop will change the game for you:

  • You to learn the skills to live a wholehearted and vulnerable life with courage.

    • Which means you share your business from an intentional place.

    • When we practice this work more people are drawn to us and trust us which equals high-integrity business growth. Yes, please!

  • You identify where you are holding yourself back so that you can grow past your own limits.

    • Rising Ever Upward teaches you the language and tools to pick yourself up, rewrite your story, and rise to your most abundant personal and professional life.

  • You become stronger and more persistent in accomplishing your goals.

    • When we are brave enough to live and work vulnerably, we will fall and fail, but this work teaches the tools to pick ourselves back up and keep going.

    • This is very helpful with facing and overcoming some of the challenges of Network Marketing.

  • You become a better leader for your team.

    • When we model this wholehearted life and work for our teams they will follow our lead.

    • Courage and vulnerability build trust and resiliency in our teams and our businesses.

And that’s just the start of the results people are seeing.

I’m not pulling this out of thin air. I have Plexus teammates who have done this intensive and seen results in their personal and professional life:

Check out Liz’s testimony here!

My own Plexus team has consistently added to the team and ranked up since doing this work with me. I have had a Gold level rank up each month consecutively for the last 3 months and those leaders are recruiting new leaders to our Plexus team!

I will be in Boise, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, and New Jersey over the next few months and would love to connect with you.

This is about you, your business, your happiness, your story.

I’m not looking for people who are wanting to watch me do the work. 

I am looking for the people who are ready to do the work themselves and ready to change their lives.

I am looking for the people who want to do what it takes to make more money and are ready for business to SOAR. 

If you are that brave soul, join me.

The investment is an investment in yourself, your business, and your future. Ask how you can make it work rather than deciding that you can’t make it work.  

You life will be changed…(I literally guarantee it)


This work is like our network marketing products, it freaking works when you use it!

Thank you so much for your support and feel free to share with your team!

Hope to see you soon!