More life changing expereinces


"Completing Justine's Rising Strong Intensive has had a huge impact on my life. I enrolled in the first group dedicated specifically to infertility. The work was deeply challenging and incredibly transformational. I spoke words from the darkest parts of my heart, about wounds that had been defeating me for far too long. Bringing them into the light and examining them through the Rising Strong curriculum took away their power! I unearthed toxic thoughts, and they were met with the unwavering acceptance and support of Justine and my group. The brave and wonderful women with whom I completed the intensive will always feel like soul sisters to me. We stay in touch and support each other. Each of us came from such different places in the infertility journey, but our pain was all the same. We shed judgement, fear, and shame. I can't put into words the beauty and bravery that I witnessed in that circle. It's an experience that I wish for everyone fighting infertility to have. I'm forever thankful that I took a step out of that dark, lonely place in my journey. I'm in the daily process of reclaiming myself and bringing back to life the happy and daring women I once was, but now I'm far stronger. " ~ Madonna


"I was honored to be a participant in Justine Froelker’s inaugural Rising Strong workshop.  I had just completed the Daring Way program, so it was a perfect time to do the Rising Strong exploration.  The workshop was great – Justine had carefully planned an enlightening and informative program that walked our group through Brene Brown’s Rising Strong work, which goes a lot deeper than her book.  I learned so much about myself and how to pick myself up after any inevitable falls, lessons that will stay with me the rest of my life.  Thanks to Justine for offering this." ~ Juli


"I was stuck.
I was struggling with shame more than I would like to admit. 
I always wondered what people thought of me and what they said behind my back. 
I was afraid of rejection and terrified of being a failure. 
I had a constant record playing in my head that was stuck on "you're not good enough", "you're not as smart as the other students", "you aren't as pretty as the other girls".... "you're not _______ enough"!
I wanted to break the damn record but was scared what would be there in its place.

Now... I am still scared BUT I am BRAVE at the same time. I am brace enough to step out of my comfort zone and I have realized that I am the one that writes the ending to my story... not my shame, not my past, not those repeating thoughts in my head. 

This is all thanks to Justine!! 

There is still a lot of work to be done on my part, every single day....but because of Justine, I have the tools and the language to rewrite my story and when in a situation where shame is taking over me, to ask myself: "is this the real story/situation or is this the story I am telling myself?" 

Justine is authentic, non-judgmental, funny, really knows her Brené work, and she is able to help teach you to rewrite the ending to your story by being vulnerable about her own story. 
Within days of finishing the workshop, I was able to apply some of the work in my daily life. 
This work is for everyone. Justine makes it simple. It isn't easy, but it is so damn worth it!"
Ivana T. 

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the recent Rising Strong Intensive for infertility and loss. Over the recent year, I have managed to keep myself busy enough to avoid really thinking through what I have gone through, and what needs to happen for me to start healing and to “get unstuck.” This weekend was such a gift to myself, in that I was able to devote the time I needed to really make some progress, surrounded by kind, compassionate, and truly brave women. I lost track of all of the epiphanies I had about myself, my relationships and life in general. However, the best part, by far, was meeting and connecting with four amazing women. I have never felt so wholly understood, accepted and validated as I did with this group. The investment is completely worth the results to continue your path of healing and Rising Strong! Thank you!”
Doing the Rising Strong workshop with Justine has been a life changing event for me. Not only did I heal trauma from an event in my past, but I learned new skills that will help me every day going forward. I am so glad that I took this time for myself and so grateful for this work. Jump in, you will thank yourself later!
Participating in Rising Ever Upward with Justine truly allowed me to gain new perspective on the trials of life. We all fall but I always felt I was missing the mark on how to properly process the “what comes next” component of living through the hard times. After completing this workshop, not only have I processed my falls, I’ve owned them and am now completely rewriting my story. I never thought, in a million years, I would ever be so thankful for the trials of life! That’s what this workshop with Justine does, makes you thankful for the bad and ugly because now I see how much good was born from the bad. I’m forever grateful to Justine for bringing me this work.
~ Joy

"Wow, where do I even start. I went into Justine’s intensive course thinking I would gain some confidence and a few tools to help me with past hurts. Immediately on day one I realized it would be so much more than that. What I really learned was how I respond to hurt, how to put words to the emotions that come with that hurt, how to rumble with those emotions and allow myself to feel them and how to write a new story to move forward from that hurt. For me the part that was the most invaluable was that I saw in every step how to teach my kids to apply each of those things. I am excited to teach them how to process their emotions in a healthy way as children so that they don’t have to wait until they are adults to learn it. Hopefully from that, they can grow and become more well-rounded adults. I look forward to reading more of Brene’s books so I can continue this work in mine and my families lives."